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Find Employment in Perth and WA Ahead of Other Jobseekers


If you are looking for employment in Perth and WA, it is very important you stand out from the other jobseekers. Below are a few errors many jobseekers make and ways to avoid them.

Only having one or two resume versions

Having only one or two versions of your resume or CV just does not work. Try to get inside the head of the reader of your resume. Clues on how to structure it can be found in the wording and language of the job ad you are applying for.
If you're providing a resume to a WA employer on an exploratory basis - when they may not have listed a specific job - research their website to see if you can find information about the areas of your specialty and use that language or phrasing in your resume.

Relying too much on the big jobsboards

Employment in Perth WA

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Normally only about 20% of all opportunities for employment in Perth and WA are advertised on major (national) jobsboards at any one time. It is understood that about 80% of jobseekers will use these, so you have a situation where a majority of jobseekers are chasing a minority of jobs and the competition is very fierce.

In the past you have had to learn which job sites or search engines are best for employment in Perth and WA and search a lot of different employer websites. This is where 
WESTjobs.com.au comes into its own, as it gives the Perth and WA jobseeker an advantage. 

WESTjobs has a broad cross-section of employment and job opportunities from Western Australia, which come from over 600 different websites, large and small. Whilst other jobseekers are fighting over a few highly advertised jobs, you can pick the cream of employment opportunities in Perth from WESTjobs.


Failing to research Perth jobs and employment opportunities properly

The question isn't why you research a potential employer; it's how to research them. Take some time to find out about the employer and their company set-up. They will expect it and will almost always ask you what you know about their company.

One good method to use is to find out something of interest about the employer that you can relate to your own job interests and skills. Be sure to squeeze that into the interview when asked, and if you aren't asked, look for a way to introduce it into the interview discussion.


Failure to invest enough money in yourself

The Internet has given us all a mass of readily accessible free information and produced an attitude that we don't need to pay for anything. This can lead to a reluctance to invest in expert advice or tools and techniques that help us not only in our current employment search, but in our career as well.

Most people spend more on eating out, than they are willing to invest in their career. You should invest in yourself and further your education professional career and employment advice as well.


Not having a long-term career vision

Not knowing which direction you want your career to head in is like a boat without a rudder. You will end up wherever the wind takes you. You must have a vision or goal for your current employment position and how that fits into your long-term career path, so decisions you make take you in the direction of your destination.

Chasing the dollar, rather than your career

Most of us enjoy our work because of what we do, the enjoyment of doing it, and where our career is taking us, not because of the money. Of course all of us want to be paid fairly and competitively. But to not be willing to explore a career opportunity because the first question we ask is, "how much does it pay?" is the wrong approach.
Find out about the employment opportunity short term so you can understand how it may or may not fit your long term career goals. Not doing this is very short sighted.


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