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Engineering Jobs in Perth WA and Western Australia

If you are looking for engineering jobs in Perth WA or thinking of becoming an engineer, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn the huge scope of engineering careers Perth and Western Australia has to offer. The field of engineering is a vast one and is not just about heavy construction and building bridges, etc. it is far more diverse than that, especially with the big increase in engineering jobs on the back of the resources boom in Perth and WA.

An engineering degree can help you jumpstart your career into any number of these specialties and can provide you with a career that will allow you to try your hand at a slightly different sort of engineering. Many of the engineering fields or niche fields will allow you to specialize, so it is always beneficial to keep your options open and educate yourself about the wide range of opportunities engineering jobs in Perth and WA can provide.

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Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are the brains behind the design, construction, safety and maintenance of bridges, roads, dams, canals, and buildings of all sizes and for all purposes. They are responsible for keeping the projects they work on in line with safety and design standards, while also working with federal and state agencies. Civil engineers also work to make sure citizens and cities are prepared for a natural disaster; building inspections for disaster-readiness and land surveying for important geographical surveys.

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Mining Engineers

Mining engineers plan and supervise the processes involved with extracting minerals from mines. They are often heavily involved in developing new mines, including assessing whether a mineral deposit can be profitably mined, and also research new techniques and processes to improve the efficiency and safety of mines.

View Mining Engineers jobs in Perth and WA

Petroleum Engineers 

Petroleum engineers plan, design and oversee the operation of petroleum extraction facilities such as oil and gas rigs. They study and map geological formations to determine where petroleum deposits are located and how they should best be extracted. They plan and design ways of extracting and transporting petroleum from deposits beneath the seabed or underneath the earth’s surface. They determine at what rate deposits can be extracted, and the most cost effective ways of controlling the flow of oil and gas. Petroleum engineers may work in mining company offices, which are located either in Perth on in regional centres, or on oil and gas rigs off the coast of the state.

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Mechanical Engineers 

A mechanical engineer is someone who designs and helps to manufacture products like machines, engines, heating and cooling systems, cars and medical devices just to name a few. They could work in airplane manufacturing companies, ship yards, car companies, or even for an association like NASA. A lot of what they do is design new products and

rigorously test them for quality and safety. They are also on hand for repairs of sensitive and complex equipment. Emerging technologies like biotechnology and nanotechnology will make mechanical engineers valuable in the health sciences and military.

View Mechanical Engineers jobs in Perth and WA

Industrial Engineers

An industrial engineer can work in nearly any business or facility that needs someone to enhance their operations, systems or processes run in order to become more efficient. The term "industrial" is misleading since much of what these engineers rely on is mathematical methods and statistical analysis. For example, they may do things like helping a bank create a better loan algorithm, or help a power plant improve power output efficiency or simply helping corporations make better profits by working out a payment formula that benefits employees and employers. Industrial engineers need to be knowledgeable in mathematical and statistical analysis, modeling and systems analysis and have the ability to create and use computer simulations.

View Industrial Engineering jobs in Perth and WA

Electrical Engineers

The title itself is self-explanatory: these men and women are adept at electricity applications, systems and electromagnetism. Any business or industry that requires power, telecomms or electronics in any capacity will probably need an electrical engineer to help them understand, and in some cases, improve their electronic systems, from computers to integrated circuits. Electrical engineers in Perth can be found in power plants, computer hardware companies, telecommunications companies and labs that continue research in this field. 

View Electrical Engineers jobs in Perth and WA

Environmental Engineers 

An environmental engineer ensures people and nature live in harmony. They protect our natural world from pollutants, while at the same time providing a means for people to use the environment for fuel, food and other resources. Most often, you will find environmental engineers working in federal or state firms that work directly with a natural resource such as water, air and oil. You can also find them working with private companies as environmental consultants for construction projects.

Vew Environmental Engineers jobs in Perth and WA

The job opportunities for someone with an engineering degree are vast and always changing. With the population of Australia, Perth and WA on the increase, and the fields of technology and science always evolving to meet the needs of society, the different job sectors for engineering jobs in Perth and WA will be constantly needing new employees with innovative ideas. An engineering degree will be your first step to meet these challenges.

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