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Indigenous Employment in WA | Aboriginal Jobs Western Australia

The labour market in WA provides unparalleled opportunities for Aboriginal employment and indigenous people to train, develop skills and take up job opportunities in Western Australia.

Miners like Fortescue have introduced dedicated Indigenous employment programs

The labour market in WA provides unparalleled opportunities for Indigenous employment and aboriginal jobs, where people can train, develop skills and take up work opportunities in Western Australia. Employers in Western Australian recognise that indigenous Australians, many of them in communities close to large mining and resources projects in WA, can help to alleviate the skilled labour crisis confronting large employers.

Most of the major employers in regional Western Australia, with support from the WA State Government, have introduced dedicated indigenous training, education and employment programs to help alleviate the skills shortage as well as provide much-needed economic and employment benefits to disadvantaged local communities.
Other similar programs have already been launched (see below), with further programs in the planning stages by major employer groups as well as the WA and Federal Government.

WA State Government Indigenous Employment Initiatives

The WA State Government’s Department of Commerce has implemented a variety of labour relations initiatives to assist indigenous employers and employees in understanding their workplace rights and obligations.

Labour Relations Education Services provides a range of services for indigenous employers and employees, including telephone advice, one-on-one meetings, informal group forums and seminars on request.

Education Services aims to deliver employment related information in partnership with a range of organisations, including community resource centres, regional TAFE colleges as well as indigenous employment programs. 
The key aims are to assist indigenous workers to: 
  • Access relevant employment information
  • Have a better understanding of their employment rights
  • Develop confidence in applying for paid work
  • Build and maintain positive employment relationships


  Learn more about the WA Government Indigenous Employment Initiatives.


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Rio Tinto and Indigenous Employment

Rio Tinto believes that local communities can provide an important pool of skills and employment candidates. Where appropriate, Rio Tinto's Iron Ore group seeks to employ locally and develop capacity within local Aboriginal communities wherever it operates.

In Western Australia, Rio Tinto runs programs in partnership with Aboriginal groups to better prepare people for employment with Rio Tinto and other businesses in the region. The training team offers education programmes, pre-employment training programs, scholarship and cadetship programmes designed to support self-determination and community capacity building. These programs increase the pool of candidates for positions and also increase the broader skill base.

  Learn more about the Rio Tinto Indigenous Employment Programs.

The Federal Government’s Indigenous Employment Programs

The success of current indigenous employment programs in WA has demonstrated that through targeted programs, many employers are successfully training and employing indigenous people. The Federal Government’s Indigenous Employment Program has a goal to halve the employment gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians over the next decade, through direct assistance to businesses and organisations looking to employ indigenous Australians. These programs involve working with job service providers to provide pre-employment training and on-the-job support including mentoring and coaching.

  Learn more about the Federal Government’s Indigenous Employment Program

Fortescue Metals Group’s Indigenous Employment Initiatives

FMG’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) 
Fortescue’s Vocational Training and Employment Centre is a doorway towards employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. The centre runs a program designed to equip local indigenous people with the skills to gain employment in the mining sector. 

VTEC was established in 2006 and is based at Pundulmurra TAFE College in South Hedland. VTEC works by identifying employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. Training is provided to develop and equip people with the necessary skills for those jobs. 

FMG’s Summit 300 
Summit 300 is a Fortescue program demonstrating their commitment to the Australian Employment Covenant. It is the next step under Fortescue’s original VTEC program. VTEC has trained and employed approximately 200 Aboriginal people over the past 3 years. 

Summit 300 will use training programs to prepare 300 people for employment within Fortescue over the next 24 months. Aboriginal people who belong to the native title groups with which Fortescue has formal agreements will be the primary target of the 300 jobs. Fortescue has recognized their desire to secure good jobs in exchange for supporting Fortescue’s mining operations on their land. 

  Learn more about the Fortescue VTEC Program 

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