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Find Mining Jobs with No Experience


Finding mining jobs with no experience can be a stepping stone to a well paid career in the mines. The mining industry in WA, Perth and Australia offers opportunities to both the skilled and unskilled labour force from around the globe.

Miners in Western Australia will hire workers with relatively little or no mining experience and is not saying they will hire anyone, as you will need to show initiative, a good work ethic and some usable skills or related work experience. Gone are the days when mining was a high risk business, as cutting edge machinery and world class safety measures have reduced the risk in employing unskilled workers.

Hundreds of mines operate in Western Australia; many have vacancies due to the global demand for minerals, especially from countries like China, meaning the mining industry in WA has an all time high demand for semi and unskilled labour.

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Unskilled Mining jobs in WA

There are examples of professional people with years of experience and skills from unrelated industries changing their profession to reap the benefits of larger salaries. With the right information, mindset and some related skills, you may be able to approach mining companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton and secure a job. Salaries can be good for work in the mining industry, these can pay $1,200 - $2,000 a week. The average salary in the mining industry is currently about $90,000 per year.

Mining hot spots like Gorgon Gas Project, Karratha, Port Hedland, Mount Isa and Kalgoorlie have faced workforce shortages. This is also compounded by high turnover of staff, due to the nature of the work. In the past the Australian Government has run pilot programs offering incentives to unemployed people to move to Western Australia to take up unskilled mining jobs. This is not the case at the moment, but may well happen again to avoid Western Australia's mineral wealth and prosperity being affected. If you are looking for a career in mining and live outside of the state, then the WA government's site for the Department of Training and Workforce Development does contain good information of worker needs and trends.

Individuals looking for mining jobs with little or no experience can often work alongside experienced mine workers as Assistants or a Drillers Offsider. There is also work in areas such as cleaners, kitchen hands and catering jobs. There are companies that specialise in training unskilled mining recruits and also help place those people with major mining companies. If you can get skills or qualifications that the mine operators require this will obviously increase your chances of securing employment. Another way to increase your chances of securing a mining job is to employ one of the many professional resume writers to present your non mining related skills in the best light possible.

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Mining accommodation

Positions on mine sites can either be residential where you live in a mining town and are usually picked up by the mining employers free bus service to the mine site and back home again after work. Other types are Drive-in-Drive-out known as DIDO where you drive to a mine site from your full time residence, which can be a mining camp or caravan. When your set roster is finished you drive back home to your accommodation. FIFO mining jobs are very common as this enables you to live where you choose and when your roster starts you fly on a free chartered flight to work, live in a mining camp which is fully catered with free food and accommodation, work a set roster and then fly back home when your roster has finished. Working within the mining industry and securing a mining job is a great way to save money, when everything is paid for.

Get ahead with mining jobs in WA

An individual wishing to start a mining career will need to show honesty, commitment and the willingness to work long hours away from the comforts of home. In return a high reward rate if offered, free flights if needed, free food and accommodation. Also promotion is offered as the majority of unskilled mining jobs offer onsite training like apprenticeships, once you prove yourself and gain experience. Career advancement is offered and encouraged by the mining or subcontracting company. This means more responsibility but also even more money, its normal to receive a pay increase after only three months of employment.
The mining industry is changing and the Government taxing the mining companies profit has created some uncertainty (that may be reversed shortly), but in the long term emerging economies like China and India need these resources and the industry will need to recruit about 50,000 people over the next 10 years. Entry into this area is often through mining jobs with little or no experience and can lead on to training and jobs as a dump truck driver.

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Please note - This information is brought to you as a guide only and WESTjobs cannot guarantee employment. We list jobs on behalf of mining employers and recruiters and you will need to search for appropriate mining jobs on our site.