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Part Time Jobs in Perth and WA


With part time jobs in Perth and WA comes flexibility, which can often be a way for someone wanting to wind back their work commitments, or to re-enter the workforce, without totally sacrificing their lifestyle. Balancing work and family is more often than not the driving reason for people to seek out part time job opportunities, where the ability to manage work and family, work and relationships or work and private commitments can confer significant lifestyle benefits on a part-time employee.

Western Australia is among the areas with the lowest unemployment rate, at  around 5% of the population out of work. Even better, WA employers and recruiters are continuously looking for new ways to attract prospect employees. Most employers are now offering part-time jobs in WA as an alternative in filling in positions when full-time employees are not available.

Part time jobs in Perth and WA helps workers balance family, work and life challenges, whilst earning an income

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Part-time jobs make an excellent way to go back to work commitments without making any lifestyle changes. Working part-time even help many people manage work and family. It helps maintain a balance between work and private commitments.

What Makes a Part Time Job Different?

People with part time work don’t need to complete the entire work shift as full-time employees do; they may only need to fulfil a few hours of work, depending on their contract. They can still receive all entitlements and benefits of a full time worker, but on a proportionate basis. Employers can offer freelance work under an enterprise agreement, an award, or a part-time work agreement. What's even better is that both the employer and employee can set expectations that meet the needs of both parties.
WESTjobs offers many part-time jobs in Perth and other areas of Western Australia, with an extensive line-up of positions, from sales representatives, receptionists, cleaners and nurses, just to name few.
Part time work also benefits employers, as it is a cost-effective and flexible way to maintain a competitive advantage in their industry. This also helps them manage issues, especially now that employment demands have gone high.

Have a Flexible Workforce through Part-Time Work

Different employment sectors can benefit from part time work. These include healthcare, retail, and construction companies. Many employers also offer part-time work for administrative duties. There are also travel agencies offering freelance positions for those interested in getting extra income.

According to a recent survey, most employers favour part-time workers due to their high levels of productivity. In fact, many WA employers are filling senior positions with part-time employees. Some offer freelance jobs if the company needs extra people or when the staff cannot meet the deadline for a specific project. With proper instruction and management, part-time workers can contribute greatly to the company's success.


Today, the number of people reviewing their lives against such concepts as "the meaning of life" and the family and work life balance is increasing dramatically. Family, hobbies, health, sport and studies are now being recognised, both by employees and employers, as important components of a balance, productive life. Securing a part time job in lieu of full time employment or no employment at all, can add a new dimension to a person’s quality of life, personal confidence, productivity and meaning.

All these issues, along with the general shortage of workers in WA, help to explain why part time work in Perth and WA is enjoying a strong resurgence across almost every sector of industry. Employers and employees alike appreciate and enjoy the benefits of the flexibility and productivity that a part time job in Perth and WA can provide.

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