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Wjobs, Jobfinder and WESTjobs serving the Perth and WA jobs market

Wjobs, Jobfinder and WESTjobs are focused on the Perth and WA jobs market. The booming economy in WA has made it the job capital of Australia and has has created opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers in mining jobs, construction jobs, healthcare / medical jobs, retail jobs and many other job sectors.

The changing face of job hunting in WA

The online and digital age has completely changed the way jobseekers look for a job, with jobsboards like westjobs and wjobs (now jobfinder), coming into the market place. With its diversity and ease of use, the Internet is putting a lot of pressure on the traditional way job hunters have looked for jobs. 

The employment pages of most major newspapers, such as The West Australian, have contracted radically over the past few years. The advent of the job email alert and online resume posting has made the connection of jobseeker and employer so much easier. Jobseekers no longer have to wait for a specialist newspaper section once a week, when they can instantly find the jobs they want online 24/7

Print media as a vehicle for jobseekers or employers is not dead, but there is a structural change taking place, which is why The West Australian has ventured into the online jobs market initially with wjobs and now with jobfinder in conjunction with CareerOne. There is room for multiple players, each with their own strengths to cater for the different demands of the market.

Why pay for a national service, when you only want local results?

The national jobsboards like CareerOneJobsearch and MyCareer offer a daunting array of services, information and jobs, giving jobseekers a mass of information and search results, whereas specialist sites like WESTjobs.com.au and wjobs.com.au (jobfinder.com.au) are dedicated to specific sections of the market, making the jobseekers task much easier.

Google spends millions refining its search engine to give targeted, relevant results, and this philosophy is where WESTjobs and wjobs/jobfinder differ from their national competitors, providing jobseekers with targeted, local results that meet their needs. Over 90% of jobseekers look for jobs within a 10km radius of where they live, whilst employers too prefer to find locally-based candidates. WESTjobs and wjobs cater to those markets.


More Perth and WA jobs than any WA based job site

Most jobsboards offer extra services, such as job email alerts and online resume posting, but at WESTjobs we have listened carefully to our jobseekers and given them more of what they want... WA JOBS! WESTjobs has between 10,000 and 12,000 Perth and WA jobs at any one time, which is three times the number of WA jobs carried by wjobs and jobfinder.com.au combined.
We hope you find WESTjobs easy to use and successful for you, whether you are a jobseeker or employer. We are always happy to hear from our clients, so please contact us to give us constructive feedback.

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